Star Ratings

The Visit England Scheme Explained

Quality in Tourism is the assessment service for Visit England and acts as a reliable regulatory body for the accommodation and tourism industry.

All holiday homes have to meet an extensive list of minimum requirements to take part in the scheme. From there, increased levels of quality apply.

You will notice some of our accommodation is ungraded. This is because the scheme is not compulsory and some owners choose not to participate.

Ungraded accommodation, like graded accommodation, varies greatly so we must therefore point out that non-participation in the grading scheme is not a guide to, or reflection on quality.

Minimum entry requirements include the following:
• High standard of cleanliness throughout
• Pricing and conditions of booking made clear
• Local information to help you enjoy your stay
• Comfortable accommodation with a range of furniture to meet your needs
• Colour TV
• Kitchen equipment to meet all essential requirements

1 star


Minimum quality requirements for cleanliness, maintenance, fixtures, fittings, and furnishings. Items provided are adequate and functional, all in working order, and are fit for the purpose intended.

2 star


A good standard of quality overall is required. Improved coordination and use of space, and a wider range of items provided.

4 star


Detailed evidence of care and external maintenance. A good provision of local information and additional recreational items. Well-finished fittings and decor and a kitchen well-stocked with cookware, crockery, cutlery and utensils.

5 star


Very good to excellent standards throughout, with high quality coordinated furniture, fixtures and fittings. Ample space with well-planned layout of furniture; high quality and very good range of kitchen equipment.

5 star


Exceptional and outstanding levels of comfort throughout, with an excellent range of items. High quality furniture with striking interior design. An excellent range of kitchen appliances, cookware, crockery, cutlery and utensils, all in pristine condition.

1 star


The supreme accolades for guest accommodation, regardless of size or type of operation and awarded to the very best properties offering excellent levels of quality throughout.